Car rental

Service rental cars, motorbike, bike services need sightseeing, move of Guests during that time staying with price reasonable to be able to more active during commuter and move between locations be faster, less dependent on those means of public.

1. Rent cars travel Self - Drive or with driver

If travelers had car driving license and your family is also quite high from 3 people or more, and Self - Drive Cars is method for visitors. Or may be Car rental with driver, the car rental with driver make guests not get lost, because driver is too are familiar geography and locations travel Danang.


2. Rent Motorcycles

If travelers funding limited, want to "phuot" places travel should using this vehicle to move flexible with price reasonable.


3. Rent Bicycles

A trip by bike, while go out while watching the streets, person Danang, probable traveler will feel peaceful incredible. If travelers in the center, will be easy approach places travel Danang as Cham Museum in Da Nang, Bach Dang Street, these bridge famous as Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge... or market, supermarket.