Cham Museum


The Cham Kingdom existed in Central Vietnam from the early centuries AD right up until the 19th century, and this excellent museum provides arguably the best collection of artworks and artifacts from this rich historical era. Created by French settlers in the early 20th century, the Cham Museum displays an amazing array of sculptures from all across the former kingdom.

While some artifacts were sent to museums in Hanoi, Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) and even Paris, Danang’s Cham Museum has been extended twice over the years and is now home to the largest collection of Cham art anywhere in the world. Also known as the Museum of Cham Sculpture, the attraction houses a stunning range of sandstone sculptures and bas reliefs.

Located at 2nd September Street, in Danang’s Hai Chau District, the museum is housed in a graceful French colonial-style building next to the Han River.

Marble Mountain

These beautiful hills are named after the five elements – kim (metal), thuy (water), moc (wood), hoa (fire) and tho (earth). This gives the area considerable spiritual significance, and several Buddhist and Hindu sanctuaries are nestled among the mountains.

The name of the hills comes from the fact they are made from marble, and one of the main attractions of the area is a stairway of 156 steps, carved out of the marble slopes, which leads to the summit of Thuy Son. For those not equipped to make the climb, there is now a spacious, glass windowed lift transporting guests directly to the top. Once at the summit, visitors are rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding area and other mountains. There are also a number of caves and grottoes, along with ornate pagodas with carp ponds.

Due to the beautiful, gleaming rock that shapes these hills, the Marble Mountains used to be mined for their marble within. Fortunately, direct rock extraction was banned recently and the hills are now left in their natural state. A thriving marble carving industry surrounds the Marble Mountain and is a great place to pick up a small souvenir or an enormous budda sculpture!

My Khe Beach

Central Vietnam is home to a string of spectacular sandy beaches, and one of the most stunning is My Khe Beach. My Khe is a 9km-long stretch of smooth white sand with a slight slope and gentle waves. These factors, along with the presence of the Danang Lifesaving Association, make My Khe Beach ideal for children and families.

My Khe Beach is also very wide (up to 70 meters in places), which makes it perfect for beach sports and activities. Both locals and visitors flock to these shores for a game of beach football or volleyball, while an excellent range of local bars and restaurants means that visitors are able to grab a refreshing drink or light snack.

The waters off My Khe Beach tend to be cool, which makes bathing here an incredibly refreshing experience in the hot and humid summer months from May to August.

Linh Ung Pagoda

A landmark on the Son Tra Peninsula, Ling Ung Pagoda is a focal point for the city of Danang. Set on a hill that is said to resemble the shape of a sea turtle, the pagoda connects the land and sea. Backed by hills and a monkey filled National Park, the pagoda looks out across the East Sea. And nowhere is this more apparent than from the Lady Buddha (‘Guan Yin’) statue, which stands 67 meters high and overlooks the entire area.

For visitors, this also offers an ideal place to come for fantastic views and quiet reflection. As one would expect from a Buddhist temple, Ling Ung Pagoda is a very spiritual place and it was said to be the meeting place of Heaven and Earth. From here, you can contemplate the whole city, surrounding mountain scenery and stunning seas. This is a wonderful place to come and escape the heat of the city